Street Photographs

Following the trips to Beeston and Shipley I decided to go on further trips by myself for further practice in the build up to my main assignment and also out of my own interest.
Street/Documentary photography is my strongest area, I like to capture images that show drama and the subjects are caught off guard when the images have been taken.
These wide range of images were taken on my smartphone seen as they were taken on the spot from my travels. My mobile device goes everywhere with me and if I see anything that catches my eye then I will simply take the image from my phone. I will then use some applications like Idarkroom and Snapseed to tweak my photos.
In my opinion, smartphone devices come in great use for photographers, especially shooting street images. The mobile device can be seen as a ‘fly on the wall’ they are hardly noticed unlike your Canon or Nikon cameras.
Although mobile photographs don’t show as much quality as your camera, they are useful for capturing unexpected drama. You can be surprised what you see when walking around the streets. Below are a set of photographs that I have taken using my mobile phone from different places I have visited.

Morley Life:
These set of images really captivated me from my walk around Morley. Morley is a place I know fairly well, I went to secondary school in this small historical market town. To me these images give an insight of the types of people who live in the area and portray the personality of each individual.
(Click images to enlarge)

Bradford City Centre:
Some images below I captured whilst making my way through Bradford for work. One day I showed up early, so to keep myself occupied I walked through the city with my mobile to take some photographs. These images below I believe showed drama and a story as to what was happening. Bradford is a huge city in the heart of West Yorkshire so I wish I could have captured some more images on the day, unfortunately my spare time was up.
(Click images to enlarge)

Leeds United Football Club:
As I was born and live in Leeds I have a big interest in the football team, Leeds United. From a very young age supporting Leeds United has being a huge part of me. I have visited football stadiums all over the Uk when Leeds United have played them.
One day I would like to document football rivalry and study the behaviour of the football fans, the good and the not so good ones. Below are a set of photographs taken from Elland Road just before a match day kick off on your regular Saturday afternoon.
(Click images to enlarge)

Leeds United Fans on Their Outings
Below shows a set of images of Leeds fans in the pubs before the game. The images show in detail the crazy antics fans get up to and the fun banter fans have with each other. The black and white theme suits the story well, it documents the fans having a laugh, chanting, singing, messing around and most of all, supporting the team.
(Click images to enlarge)

ITV at Vicarage Road, Watford
on Tuesday 8th April seemed a regular outing as a Leeds fan to go watch the team play Watford. We arrived at Watfords ground ‘Vicarage Road’ 45 minutes early so I decided to take a walk round with my mobile and take some images. It came a surprise to me when I spotted two people; a woman with a microphone and notepad and a man with a video cam. I presumed they were reporters and that they were when I saw the woman asking some fans questions, which will of been about Massimo Cellino’s recent takeover of Leeds United. I grasped the opportunity to take some images of what they were doing as it showed great drama of the event. After I had finished taking photographs I approached them and asked them who they worked for. The woman replied saying they are from ITV Calendar.
This was a great experience for me as I got to study professional reporters in action before the match, it gave me an idea of how it feels and was really inspiring. Below are the photographs I captured of the ITV reporters.
(Click images to enlarge)

These photographs show my enthusiasm for documentary/street photography and I will continue to develop my skills within this field of photography. I know that my camera will need to be used in the long run so my images are to the best quality standard.
I feel my confidence with a camera and big lens can alert the subjects for photographing and they may give me strange looks, however, by simply asking somebody for their permission it will make it less difficult, which is something I need to work on with people.


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