Research Into Main Assignment Publication

As a photojournalist it is crucial to have an audience in mind when tailoring some images for a publication. A photojournalist must be aware of the publications readership and the demands of the consumer.
For my main assignment based on seal rescue I believe a suitable publication for these photographs would be the National Geographic publication.
The National Geographic covers every corner of the world packed full of insightful and thought provoking photography and infographics, including proficiently written articles and features on wildlife, culture, geography, history and current events. Photographs based on seal rescue should be something that people must be aware of worldwide and the National Geographic has a diverse audience, with people from all over the world reading the features.
For Many years the National Geographic society’s mission is to inspire people to care about the planet. The main purpose was to raise public awareness for the important things in our world, such as, natural places, the plants and wildlife that inhabit them and the environmental problems that threaten them.
I believe my documentary on seal rescue fits the publications mission seen as seals are one of many endangered marine mammals that are often stranded upon the shores and need our help. Images of these mammals will help raise public awareness because if the seals are not giving help they will surely not survive, which could lead onto their extinction
According to the demographics, the National Geographic’s target audience is more leaned towards females than males and more common for the younger generation around the age of 25.





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